Election Shenanigans Update: Voting Early and Often? Magic Boxes? Or Some Kind of Mistake? We’ll See

Found at kootenaybob:  Some PDF’s showing the number of votes apparently exceeding the number of voters by some pretty big margins.

Add that to the weird electoral college system (it’s designed to protect small states from large ones, but it ends up meaning the West usually needn’t bother voting because it will be decided in the Rockies or parts east) Obama’s well-planned GOTV, Romney’s apparent hi-tech-GOTV fiasco, according to some news sites, Panthers watching polls, military ballot issues, thrown-away Republican registration forms, GOP vote watchers being thrown out of polling sites,  and Obama promotional art (pins, murals) at polling places — and I don’t think we really lost. Maybe. But it looks less like it as time goes by.

I think the real public decision was a tie or so close that if we go into recounts it will take weeks. I would be willing to undergo those weeks of recounts if it could bring the truth to the surface. I’m giving it a 47% chance that Romney actually won, a 50% chance that Obama genuinely, just barely, squeaked in, and a three percent chance it was a tie.

What this means is that “America” has not rejected our message or bought the Democrats’ views at all. Half of adult America didn’t vote in the Presidential decision. Of those who did, half figured A was better than B, and half went the other way, both perhaps with very limited information access, some while trying to cope with Sandy at the same time, and some after seeing Obama canvassers at their doors and perhaps seeing Obama symbols around the polling places.

We need to do three things: Start the public education as to what we believe and why much earlier — I’m thinking we should be doing so by now, for 2016 — and that means addressing the public, not just one another. A quarter of America has no earthly notion what our positions are. That’s a reliable Democrat base and the Party leadership knows it. Then, during campaign season, campaign.  Campaign like our freedom, safety, opportunities for advancement, families and consciences depend on it.

And use multiple GOTV methods, working hardest on the counties that matter in the electoral system we have. We can’t put all our eggs in one basket. We need to use at least three unconnected vote-drive coordination systems, some hi-tech, some low-tech (older technologies have been tested and debugged better, usually), and some no-tech.

And then, monitor possible election shenanigans persistently.

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