When Our Opponents Criticize Our Ideas, We Answer Them…

… When our opponents are criticized, the critics are handcuffed and thrown out.

Or put on leave.

Or trespassed upon and vandalized,  harassed and stomped, at home, work or church.

Or chased down the street by mobs.

Or worse.

We respond by loving those who hate us, forgiving our enemies seventy-times-seven times and praying for those who mistreat us and slander us and speak every evil against us because of Our Lord and because of our attempt to follow His teachings. We respond by quietly caring for the needy, calmly walking past the mobs that threaten us, and keeping on with the task of healing the world. We respond by continually trying to start the reasoned, courteous, factual debate we want. We respond by speaking the truth in love. We respond by staying on topic and keeping it clean. We respond with faith, hope and love.

And we are winning.


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