Paul Ryan on Religious Freedom and the Election: Video

Found at Adrienne’s Corner, just now, a message from Paul Ryan about why religious freedom for Catholics matters to non-Catholics, too.

This list on Fr. Z’s Blog should give all Christian voters something to think about. In fact, the quarter or so of Americans who aren’t Christians would also do well to review the President’s record, remembering that the President almost surely would never have been elected had he made these policies clear in 2008. What does that say about whether he is being transparent with us now? No matter what Obama says he believes in, we know he never told us in 2008 about the philosophy he’s been acting on since January 2009. What else isn’t he telling us? What is he saving for the secure context of a second term?

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney belong to churches whose beliefs are written down in documents anyone can read. They have made it clear that they believe what their churches teach. That is as transparent as a candidate can get.
Also, by running together, a Catholic and a Mormon, they are proving they believe in alliances across religious lines. The same cannot be said for Obama’s alliance with Catholics such as Biden and Pelosi, because they have made it equally clear that their religion is more of a cultural thing with them, and does not affect their political beliefs.

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