Happy Thanksgiving

I’m too busy for a full post right now, but I have time to post a table blessing I love here.

It feels wrong to stuff oneself with food one doesn’t really want while mustering expressiveness, but it helps me to remember that a good way to give thanks is to share with those in more need, some of the turkey and pie which others have so generously shared with me.

See you soon.

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When the Thrill is Gone, There’s Nothing to Do But Carry On

I’ve been a convert of one kind or another more times than I can count. In the beginning there’s a rush of energy, and then the momentum. I can do so much on that momentum. I can argue all the issues, read all the literature, and attend all the events, wearing all the appropriate colors and saying all the buzzwords like a pro. But then the momentum dies down and I’m left with the challenge. Can I keep showing up when I don’t feel it?

That’s why a belief system is more than an experience. It has to be based on something bigger and older than oneself. To go through the motions and believe that it’s meaningful when it feels like a tired routine, one must have confidence that the routine is not the point.

My momentum of conversion began to die down about a year and a half ago, which is actually longer than I had ever stuck with anything anyway — I had been in the Church six years. I stopped going to every class, every prayer group, stopped reading theology very often, even started wearing regular street clothes to Mass and then hardly paying attention, either. But I didn’t lose my faith.

Now my original wonder and gratitude at belonging to the Church are returning, in a quieter, more adult way. No, I don’t know if I will ever wear my mantilla again, maybe I will, I’ll keep it just in case, but it’s not about the lace. I have thick black dust on most of my prayer books, but I pray every day without a book. Criticism of my faith and Church still offend me, but only because it’s usually criticism born of ignorance, and even then I pick my battles more carefully.

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It Still Doesn’t Seem Real

One of my best friends just died. Her funeral is today.

She was the social backbone of my parish. People felt at ease around her. If all you knew was her work, you would feel intimidated. But she never let anyone feel that way about her.

She helped me change my life, using her own time to teach me skills I needed. She planned weddings and other events, gave good gifts and visited people in the hospital. I could never remember in one sitting all the things I want to say about her.

I still keep thinking that I’m going to see her after Mass and tell her all the interesting things from the week and she’ll have things to say.

She was going to come over for dinner the very next day. We had left on a note of unfinished conversation, because she was dropping me off on her way to visit someone else. She just went and went and went, keeping busy and involved, and had opinions on everything.

She just went to bed and didn’t wake up.

The world has an empty space today.


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Oregon, We Are Not Numb — Or Hopeless

It happened right here in the Northwest. A gunman, long fascinated with violence, preoccupied by a hatred of organized religion, targeted Christian students and shot them.

The Rainey View asks readers to pray for consolation and healing for the survivors, their families and all those who endured the fear and horror of that day.

Source: Oregon, We Are Not Numb — Or Hopeless

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FlowerFund Fills a Gap

Found via National Catholic Register: FlowerFund is a Catholic crowdfunding site, named for St. Therese the Little Flower because, in the words of its directors, she “was an audacious saint who challenged those telling her she could not devote her life to Christ[.]”

Today is St. Therese’s feast day. Celebrate by checking out the above links.
Other celebration ideas include making (or buying) eclairs, her favorite dessert; cakes or drinks involving roses, either real or candy; and saying her morning prayer, all found at Shower of Roses.

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Some Books Just Get Better With Rereading

My mother used to nag me about reading the same books over and over. But when I liked a book, I liked to get all I could out of it. Judging by this video, I wasn’t the only one.

H/T Convert Journal.

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5 Traits For A Conservative To Win In 2016


Here is a good, concise breakdown of what we need in the 2016 election.

Originally posted on collegecampusconservatives:

5 Traits A Conservative Will Need To Win In 2016

Humility: is going to give the Republican Party a better chance in 2016. We have seen Donald Trump portray a bad character that makes conservatives look like the racist, insensitive, uncharismatic people that the left often calls us out as. Trump has certainly struck a nerve with people because he is not politically correct, but we don’t have to be politically correct to show that we have humble hearts. John Kasich and Ben Carson are the conservatives we need to be looking at, saying what is on their mind, but reaching a helping hand out to others in the process.

Character:must be shown during our campaigns for the next year. We have seen it all too often, the liberals and Democratic Party are reaching out to the younger generation. Talking points are great and must be shared, but let’s…

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