Music Times Interview on Counter Trafficking

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Here’s an interview I did with a great lady named Kim Jones of Music Times.  We ended up talking for an hour on the phone about human trafficking and the fight against it.


“Remedy Drive’s song, “Commodity,” has spent six weeks at #1 and the story behind it has already made the rounds. In this exclusive interview, David Zach goes deeper into why he is so passionate about human trafficking and doing something to stop it.

Kim Jones – Human trafficking has become a buzz word in the media, but many people really have no concept of what it is or where it happens. How did you personally go from seeing it in the news to actually taking a trip with The Exodus Road to see it up close and personal?

David Zach – My first attachment to the injustice to children was watching the Kony 2012 video where boys…

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Celebrating Assumption Day

August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption, celebrating the physical taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven. It is the oldest feast of Mary in the Christian calendar, going back to the Sixth Century AD or earlier.

According to Fr. Francis Weiser in a piece found at Catholic Culture, the month of August, the period from August 15th to September 15th, and especially Assumption Day itself, are times for the blessing of herbs and grapes, believed in Medieval Europe to be especially wholesome if they are harvested at this time.

Armenians fast for a week, then celebrate the feast on the 14th, 15th and 16th, then observe an octave. Similarly, Sicilians abstain from fruit either fully or partly for the first two weeks of August in preparation for the Feast of the Assumption. On the day itself, they bring fruit to church to have it blessed, then give one another baskets of fruit and serve the fruit at dinnertime.

In parts of France, church pageants traditionally celebrated the day, in which “figures of angels descended within the church to a flowery “sepulchre” and reascended again with an image of the Blessed Virgin dazzlingly robed, while boys dressed as angels played [hymns on keyboard] with wooden mallets [.]

Processions have been an Assumption Day tradition for 1300 years. Participants pray, in some places walking in fields to ask for a blessing on the harvest. It is also a day to ask a blessing on animals and on nature itself, the mountains and valleys and forests nearby, and on the sea and the fishing boats.What celebrations can a family partake in at home?Catholic Inspired has this craft idea, and this homemade coloring/pop-up art is posted on Catholic Mom (H/T Simple Catholic Living).Catholic Cuisine suggests this salad and these lavender sticks.Happy Assumption Day.

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One Egg: A Great Idea

This is a faith-based American NGO that distributes fresh eggs to African children. Eggs are a source of the best protein, as well as iron and B vitamins, all of which are tragically short in the meager food normally available to kids growing up in poor countries. These eggs can turn lives around.

One Egg’s website is here.

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Robin Williams Remembered

I was a child watching this episode with my brother. We were both enthralled. We ran around quoting it for a while. Neither of us, I think, knew it was an old rerun.

Very soon afterward,I made sure to see this new show starring that cool alien from Happy Days. It was one of the few TV pilots my mother and I both loved.

I wasn’t much of a television watching type of kid, but I memorized Robin Williams’s name. He was a genius of comedy, and comedy is an important art form.
At first, I watched warily as he ventured into serious roles. The World According to Garp was too weird for me, and I wished he would just be Mork forever. By the time I saw Good Morning, Vietnam, I was a young woman and was more prepared to understand that comedians want to explore their range just like other artists, and he did a great job in the role. The next year, he brought silly and serious together with a brilliant performance in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. he was sad and strange and alien in a human way in The Fisher King, which everyone else in the audience said was mythopoetic and evocative and I didn’t know what that meant, it just creeped me out, but he certainly put his heart and brilliant mind into the role.
Mrs. Doubtfire disappointed me. Williams seemed to be trying to hard to be zany and looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. It was a clunky script, and the rest of the cast looked strained as well. The movie seemed to have been released too soon, needing some work. I noticed the reviews were mixed.
In Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams came back with a fully serious, intense, believable performance, and I respected him on a new level, as an actor of great range and depth as well as wit and energy.
To my regret, I have still seen only around a tenth of Williams’s prolific  work, despite having admired him more than almost any celebrity of my time since I was in grade school.

Our world has lost a unique, unforgettable artist. Though I disagree with many of the views Robin Williams expressed in his life, I believe in his right to speak, I thank God for the gifts He gave Williams, and I will miss Robin Williams.

Will you? Do you have a favorite Robin Williams role, or a cherished memory of one?

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Daily Catholic Quote from St. Dominic : The Integrated Catholic Life™

This is the Feast of St. Dominic.

Daily Catholic Quote from St. Dominic : The Integrated Catholic Life™.

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Psychiatrist Charged in Connection with Human Trafficking

Riyaz Mazcuri, a psychiatrist based in Houston, has been charged in connection with an international human trafficking case, according to KTRE News. Mazcuri was one of four men who were arrested in late July and charged with visa fraud conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy, which are federal crimes.

The men are accused of luring women from India to Texas under false claims that they were running cultural programs, while allegedly the men were in fact running a prostitution and nightclub dancing ring, confiscating the victims’ visas and forcing them to work 80-100 hours a week.



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Countdown to Freedom Sunday Starts Now


Please pray for an end to human trafficking. Slaves are used today in making products as various as chocolate and textiles, in processing and transporting illegal drugs, in the sex industry and in domestic work, as well as agricultural work and combat. Human trafficking is a worldwide problem, happening on every continent and in rich countries and poor countries. Most victims are women, many are girls and boys, and some are men. Some domestic slaves are made to work without being fed, and die. Children are trafficked for sexual purposes at early ages. Children are forced to fight in wars. Let us all join in prayer to stop the atrocity of human trafficking.

Originally posted on STOP THE TRAFFIK blog spot:

Human trafficking is a grave crime against humanity. It is a form of modern day slavery and a profound violation of the intrinsic dignity of human beings. It is intolerable that millions of fellow human beings should be violated in this way, subjected to inhuman exploitation and deprived of their dignity and rights. This outrage should concern each one of us, because what affects one part of humanity affects us all. Virtually every part of this world is touched in some way by the cruelty and violence associated with this criminal activity. If we are to combat this evil then we must work together to prevent the crime, support the survivors and prosecute the criminals.” – The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby

On Sunday 19th October 2014, communities and faith groups all over the world will join together to raise awareness of the crime of…

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