Brother Guy Consolmagno: Carl Sagan Medal Winner and Role Model : The Integrated Catholic Life™

While I work on my perfect political party series, I appreciate your patience. Meanwhile, a little something about the relationship of religion and science. It has been fashionable for some time now among atheists to treat it as a given that “religion” and “science” are opposites, and to claim that whereas we have religion, they have science, and thus there is some debate as to which is “better”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Religion and science go together and support one another.


Brother Guy Consolmagno: Carl Sagan Medal Winner and Role Model : The Integrated Catholic Life™.

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My Dream Political Party

If a political party existed that I could truly believe in, what would its platform be?

I’ll call it the Dream Party.

Let’s start writing up some position papers.

There are so many issues, it will need an outline.

Here are the headers:

  1. Economics, Taxes, Spending and Import/Export Policies
  2. Life Issues
  3. Security
  4. Education
  5. Vice and Lifestyle Issues
  6. Environment and Animal Issues
  7. Foreign Policy
  8. Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Justice and Corrections
  9. Miscellaneous

I’ll be working on this series for some time, and input is welcome.

Next: Part I: Economics, Taxes etc. Part A: How Taxes and Tax Breaks Affect the Economy, and What Should be Done?



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Resume for a Homemaker — Just an Idea

Though I have never succeeded in the occupation of homemaker, I have lived in homes where I could see that profession in action, and I think I understand much of what it entails. It has come to my attention that it is still challenging for a homemaker, however successful to put her experience into words that make a compelling resume when the time comes for her to seek other employment.

Here are some examples of ways I think the experience of homemaking could be conveyed:

1990-1992 Residential Communications Liaison

Initiated, provided inspiration, feedback, coordinated integenerational and interfamilial communications in targeted residential cooperation project.

1992-2003 Human Development Director

Oversaw all functions in complex human development and life skills training project; delegated responsibilities, supervised community relations, education, nutrition, transportation, responsible on all shifts for health, safety, sanitation of environment for vulnerable local individuals.

2003-2013 Career Preparation Support Generalist

Counseled youth cohort through all stages of early career preparation including review of educational options, travel, coordination of training and interviewing, self-presentation and accountability.

Has anyone tried similar descriptions? How did it turn out? Any other ideas?





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World Cup Beats Out Super Bowl for Most Tweets

According to Associated Press, Twitter has named this year’s World Cup semifinal as the sports event about which people tweeted most, more so than the most recent Super Bowl.

What happened? Well, Germany only stomped Brazil to the tune of 7-1. I don’t follow soccer, as I said earlier, but I dimly remember my only season playing on a notoriously useless team and possibly being one of the wost parts of that team, back in grade school, and I do believe that’s considered a big win. I guess it surprised lots of folk around the world.

35,600,000 or so tweets went out around the globe when Germany demolished Brazil’s soccer team yesterday. That’s half-again as many as the 24 million and change that were tweeted about the Super Bowl back in February.

The game stunned many fans because Brazil was hosting the games and had home field advantage and a great record. Some analysts, according to Yahoo Sports, even say it may affect the upcoming Presidential election in Brazil, where the hosting of the games had been boosting President Dilma Roussef’s ratings.

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Daily Catholic Quote from Pope St. John Paul II : The Integrated Catholic Life™

Daily Catholic Quote from Pope St. John Paul II : The Integrated Catholic Life™.

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World Cup: Overpass Collapse Crushes Bus

In Belo Horizonte, the city where the World Cup games are taking place, an overpass collapsed on July 3rd, killing at least one person. The accident also crushed a bus, trapped cars and injured at least 19 people. The overpass, which crossed a road that linked the stadium to the airport, was under construction. It was part of a bus rapid transit system the government had said would be finished in time for the games, but which remains unfinished.

The US$450 million (1 billion reais) transport system has been in progress since 2010. The projected completion date was May 2014, but construction has gone more slowly than expected.

Angry, shouting crowds gathered at the accident scene. Reuters quotes a local bank worker as attributing the tragedy to “the incompetence of our authorities and our businesses [.... ] Because of the World Cup they sped everything up to finish faster. That’s why this tragedy has happened. They are not making things properly. Everyone is very angry.”  

Dilma Roussef, President of Brazil, offered condolences and solidarity with the victims’ families, and said her government would help the local government if needed.

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Independence Day

Here are a few Independence Day traditions I found at The Art of Manliness (no man required):

Hang the flag

Make Ice Cream (I looked for a pint of ice cream in some red-white-and-blue flavors at my neighborhood store but before I could spot any I had decided not to eat a pint of ice cream)

See a new movie in a theater

Make root beer

Block Party


And, of course, fireworks, circumstances and rules permitting.

Here are some interesting facts (veracity not guaranteed) found at 11 Points:

Americans now buy 700 percent more fireworks than we did 35 years ago… but injuries are down 90 percent. It’s some mix of better technology and kids actually listening to our little ka-blammo talk and realizing exploding things explode off fingers. And they need those for textin’.

In 2009, there was only one firework-related death in the U.S., and it was a guy who tried to launch a mortar shell from a tube on his head. [...]

The 4th of July is also Rwanda’s independence day[...] And it’s also the day the Philippines finally gained their independence from… America.

[...K]ids who go to 4th of July parades are more likely to turn out Republican [....]

It’s the biggest beer-selling holiday of the year. The top five, in order, are Labor Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.[...]

[I]t’s actually just the *second* most dangerous holiday for driving. New Year’s Day is number one.

Bizarrely, a quarter of Americans in a survey mentioned in the post didn’t know what country we became independent from.

One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was a Catholic, Charles Carroll.

Happy Fourth!



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